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PettySave is an innovative FinTech solution which helps you to plan your financial life and leads you on a path to financial freedom.

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Pettysave allows you to easily manage your money


You dont need to worry, pettysave will help you accumulate wealth automatically

Target Save

Hit you goals directly by using the target save feature, what ever is your target.

Locked In Save

This feature helps you secure you money for when you need it in futur and you earn up to 5% interest


Sit back and watch your savings grow when you subscribe to investing your savings.

It's Easy To Get Started

Just follow the few steps and are ready to start saving. Use the calculator to plan your savings.

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What Our Customers are saying

With Pettysave I was able to save money to acquire a plot land


The platform is easy to use and understand


Pettysave has helped me improve my saving culture


Pettysave has helped me to achieve my dream of traveling to Dubai by using the target save feature


They are true with their words, they run on intergrity and purity